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Jan McCullough
Home Instruction Manual (SIGNED)

Photograohs by Jan McCullogh

Verlag Kettler, 2016

Edition of 600 copies


124 pp., illustrated throughout

148 x 210 mm

ISBN 978-3-86206-564-6

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Winner of the Kassel Fotobookfestival Dummy Award 2015

Shortlisted for Author Book Award, Les Rencontres d´Arles 2016

Traditionally, instruction manuals have been the perfect source for practical solutions. Experts in specific subjects provide written authority on how to repair faults and carry out tasks from scratch. 

I typed ‘how to make a home’ into Google, and was directed to an online chat forum in which self-described experts were exchanging detailed instructions. I rented an ordinary suburban house and carried out the strangers’ advice exactly over the period of two months. In complying with the instructions for making the perfect home, I contemplated the construction of an identity from scratch. The following photographs document the end result of my time living and working in the house, trying on different lives for size.

"The dummy book »Home Instruction Manual« entered in the competition by Jan McCullough is a real discovery in 2015. Jan is a photographer from Belfast with a weak spot for manuals, books that tell you how to do things. For this project she searched the internet for tips on how to build your perfect home. After collecting all the tips, Jan rented a house and followed all the instructions given to her. She photographed the end result; a home with a forced personality. Something you can’t say about Jan McCullough, a natural talent to watch out for." — Erik Kessels

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