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Hello Camel (SIGNED)

Christoph Bangert
Hello Camel (SIGNED)

Photographs by Christoph Bangert

Design by Chiho Bangert

Kehrer Verlag , 2016

First edition


96 pp., 44 color illustrations

240 x 320 mm

ISBN 978-3-86828-683-0

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“In my experience, the two most significant features of war are horror and absurdity,” says Christoph Bangert. Following his examination, in his critically acclaimed book War Porn (Kehrer 2014), of the way our society deals with horrific images, in his new work hello camel Christoph Bangert confronts us with the absurdity of war. By exposing us to his calm and orderly, but fundamentally strange vision of the wars in Afghanistan, Gaza and Iraq–images that just don't want to fit our clichéd notion of modern war as an action-packed, dramatic and heroic event–he radically challenges our view of modern armed conflicts. Simultaneously, hello camel is a celebration of the human ability to create something approximating normality in the face of violence and chaos.

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