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Full Colour

Will Sanders
Full Colour

Photographs by Will Sanders

Design by Gijs van den Berg (KesselsKramer)

From the Mountains, 2017

First edition

Hardcover (available in Blue, Red, Yellow)

88 pp. , 63 color illustrations

150 x 215 mm

ISBN 9789082637403

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The world has become a spectrum of grey. We drive silver cars. We wear black clothes. We paint our houses white. WTF? When did we all get so boring? When did we let self-expression take a back seat?

Will Sanders has been taking pictures for many years. He has been shooting tons of images, for magazines, for ad agencies, and importantly for himself. It would be an understatement to say that Will is addicted to taking pictures. However, there is something missing in his life. A book shaped hole to be precise. So he created a book and called it: ‘Full Colour’. Sort of makes a lot of sense.

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