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Eamonn Doyle

Photographs by Eamonn Doyle

Drawing by Niall Sweeney

Design by Pony Ltd.

D1, 2016

Edition of 1,000 copies (out of print)

13 sections in leatherette slipcase

unpaged, 273 illustrations, 20 ink drawings, 7'' vinyl

200 x 280 mm

ISBN 9-780992-848729

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Shortlisted for the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook of the Year Award 2016

Selelcted as one of the Best Books of 2016 by David Campany, Lesley A. Martin, Paul Graham, Ágnes Sire, Awoiska van der Molen, Sean O'Hagan

In 'i', Doyle presented a sequence of images depicting unknowable figures enveloped entirely in their own interior landscape of street, poised in silent coreography focussed on the patterns, colours and shapes of wool, polyester, and a certain amount of dust. ON's black & white giants convulse across the pages, bracing the hard Dublin light. The texture and volumes of the city and the people are somehow hewn from the same rock, though they strike out against it.

Created as both an installation and publication, End is a collaborative work by Eamonn Doyle, Niall Swenney and David Donohoe. Built around the photographs of Doyle, it also features drawing and sound by Sweeney and Donohoe. End. gives equal significance to the city and its population, their combined forces continously shaping each other. Individual journeys of everyday life are compacted repetitively into the same streets.Dubliners wear away at the autonomy of their city, while the streets themselves become a kind of sculptural civic mental State. Dublin, its light and its people, carry out dance-like actions, swapping roles in a series of short plays. End. unfolds as a sequence of events — loops of time and place — revealing a city whose concrete is plastic as movement of its inhabitants.

End. is a collection of printed and folded sections, with sequences of imagery and illustration that emply a number of different papers and print techniques. There is a 7'' vynil sound work, tracing a coiled beat around the city. The entire work of End. is presented in a numbered slipcase.

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