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Nigel Shafran
Dark Rooms (SIGNED)

Photographs by Nigel Shafran

Text by David Chandler, Paul Elliman

Design by Mevis & van Deursen

MACK, 2016

First edition

Hardcover with dust jacket

180 pp., 91 color illustrations

210 x 271 mm

ISBN 9781910164426

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Selected as one of the Best Photobooks of 2016 by TIME LightBox

Nigel Shafran takes five interconnected series of photographs and weaves them together with the common thread of domestic scenes. There is a constant sense of forward movement that is sometimes overt, as in the photographs of supermarket checkouts or underground escalators; sometimes implicit and more emotionally charged, as when the photographer faces the inventory of possessions in his mother’s last house. But in each case these photographs deal as much with what has been left behind as with what lies ahead. They carry the inevitability of change and the psychological undertow of time passing moving forward.

"Bracketed by the death of both of his parents, Dark Rooms is a meditation on the cyclical nature of life, on the way that things reach the end of their useful existence and begin, quietly, to slip back into entropy and decay.  But there is also beauty and serenity to be found here, in the portrayal of Shafran’s own emotional life in the here now, and in the affirmation of what has been."Eugenie Shinkle (ASX)

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