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Can't Pay You to Disappear

Thomas Vandenberghe
Can't Pay You to Disappear

Photographs by Thomas Vandenberghe

Design by Alex Bochetto

Akina, 2016

Edition of 200 copies

Softcover, French Fold Stab Strip Binding, 2 Colours Silkprinting on White Cloth

80 pp., b/w illustrated throughout

210 x 280 mm

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They went to a pond, in the pines.
The first time they were there together, wild and free.
The second time, after months, he found himself in the same place alone at night, measuring the forest with restless steps back and forth “`Nobody would find you here for months” he said to himself.
This time they just sat on a rock, next to the water.
“It would be nice if you were always easy going like this” she said
“Uh” he said, his eyes lost in running water.
The rage was gone and with the rage, everything else was also gone.
“Things will be fine from now on”
“Yes maybe”
“I want to go back”
“There’s no way out either”

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