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James Pfaff
Alex & Me (SIGNED)

Photograph, painted pages, original journal cover, journal pages and text by James Pfaff

Danilo Montanari, 2016

Edition of 700 copies


96 pp. + hand-numbered envelope w/ text and print reproduction, b/w and color illustrated throughout

170 x 223 mm

ISBN 9788898120857

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The summer of ’98 was slipping away as we made our way south.
Aspahlt and neon. Black coffee, cigarettes. Night- scented Louisiana.
I’d only been together with Alex for a few short weeks, but I knew she was a special woman

James Pfaff’s work is chiefly concerned with the documentation and reviewed reconstruction of his own life and universe, a subjective essay on the human condition. Drawing on his large photographic archive and personal journals he expresses himself principally through the medium of photography often later combining his images with paint, collage and the written word in emotional response to a settled feeling about the original imagery. The series Alex & Me (1998) can be considered as a point of departure.

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