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Masahisa Fukase

Photographs by Masahisa Fukase

Design by Katsuya Kato

Roshin Books, 2016

Edition of 900 copies (out of print)


104 pp., 80 b/w illustrations

210 x 231 mm

ISBN 978-4-9907230-5-7

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"These photographs reveal Fukase’s affection for his cat as well as his incredible eye and sensibility as a photographer. Through the carelessness and playfulness of Sasuke, and his moments of innocence and unassuming life, we encounter a very different self-portrait of Fukase himself. These photographs are full of optimism and energy, and perhaps this is how Fukase wanted to be remembered."Olga Yatskevich 

Afterword is composed of photographs used in the afterword ’Sasuke’s Diary’ from “Sasuke, My Dear Cat”, published by Seinen Shokan in 1978. In the small pocket-sized printing manuscript were instructions and numbering written by Fukase himself.

Sasuke the First went missing quite early on, but some time afterwards, someone who had seen the ‘missing’ posters delivered a kitten to Fukase thinking it was probably Sasuke. While they did indeed look alike, the kitten turned out not to be Sasuke after all.

Fukase, however, named this kitten Sasuke and ended up loving him like his own. To Harajuku, on express trains, and even to Ueno Zoo and the seaside - he took Sasuke out with him wherever he went. Referring to himself ‘papa’ while turning his camera upon Sasuke, the depth of Fukase’s affection for his cat can be felt through his photos of its charming visage.
A near-maddening amount of lovely scenes continue page turn after page turn in this wonderful photo book.

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