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Jacob Aue Sobol
12 Months of Winter - February, Marcella (SIGNED)

Photographs by Jacob Aue Sobol

Text by Jacob Aue Sobol

Design Anna Katrine Tan


Edition of 1,000 numbered copies


32 pp. , 15 b/w illustrations

240 x 320 mm

ISBN 978-87--998832-1-9

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Marcella is the February issue of 12 Months of Winter. It is the second in a collection of twelve catalogues, one published each month of 2016. Each issue is a recording of a close encounter Jacob had during winter.

The collection is inspired by the performance 12 Months of Winter, a dialogue between the images of Jacob Aue Sobol and music composed and performed by Morten Svenstrup. Edit and artistic direction by Sun Hee Engelstoft. First performed at Silencio in Paris, January 2016.

"In the summertime I can't take pictures. I don't even look at my camera. I don't know why. There are people everywhere on the streets. Autumn passes and winter comes. Darkness surrounds the city and people disappear into their homes and apartments. The streets become empty. That's when I start taking pictures again. It is the same every year. The snow, the dark, and the cold lure me in, make me search for closeness." — Jacob Aue Sobol

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