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Rob Hornstra
101 Billionaires - Crisis Edition (SIGNED)

Photographs by Rob Hornstra

Text by Hans Loos & Arnold van Bruggen

Design by -SYB-

Borotov, 2009

2nd edition of 1,000 copies

Hardbound with photo-illustrated boards

172 pp., 101 color illustrations

180 x 205 mm

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Photo Book of the Year at Fotoforum Kassel

At the beginning of 2008, the list of richest Russians contained 101 billionaires; a magical number that for the time being will not be matched. The global crisis hit hard in Russia. Exactly a year later, there are only 49 Russians with fortunes of ten figures or more. This drop was behind the decision to publish a second, revised edition of 101 Billionaires, the Crisis Edition. 

101 Billionaires shows the other side of modern Russia, the raw reality that lurks behind the façade of the power elite. Rob Hornstra visited the regions to which Moscow has its exorbitant wealth to thank. Here he used his camera to record the fact that the Russian hinterland itself sees little of this prosperity. 

The Crisis Edition has a print run of 1,000 copies. It has a hard cover and smaller format, but no fold-out pages. The text has been adapted here and there to reflect current events. 

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